Aimé Leon Dore

A New York Story

Everything starts with an idea. While the notion is a bit cliché, its truth rings loudly in the creation of Aimé Leon Dore. What in 2014 has taken the shape of a debut collection, functional web shop, and visual media platforms, was once a simple idea; the result of an ambitious mindset and the desire to create timeless product with a unique twist. This idea would eventually manifest itself into a brand fueled by a drive and desire to make a lifelong dream come true.

It all began in New York. To be more specific, it began on the basketball courts, high school hallways, and coffee shops where values were instilled, hard work paid off, and a lifestyle enthralled in New York City culture loomed larger than life.  It was here that in many ways, Aimé Leon Dore was born, for in these places existed the core elements that would go on to define the brand – originality, consistency, and the demand to be the very best at whatever task was at hand. Equally as important, was the recognition that the natural measure of time changes everything, making the ability to evolve, imperative. Remaining stagnant was simply not an option.

Subsequently, as time progressed, these values would begin to take shape in the form of people, places, companies, the ordinary, and the extraordinary. Life would begin to take on a new and refined meaning, where perfection in the form of a garment was possible, a running shoe could redefine comfort, and a pastry could literally change everything you thought you knew about food. These experiences would go on to build the foundation for a dream that one day, these discoveries could become the inspiration behind an original creation – one fueled by years of observing, learning, and discovering where passion lay.

A great man once said, “it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.” In this day and age however, we live in a world where ‘doing’ is often more important than the outcome, often resulting in the mundane – a boring and unchanging regurgitation of past philosophies and ideas muddled down for maximum profit. Sadly, this contradicts what that great man once said, for how something is done, is what really matters most. Just ask Jonathan Ive, Ralph Lauren, or any other modern-day visionary who has made an impact on their respective industry, what has led to their success, and the terms ‘hard work’ and ‘patience’ will always reveal themselves in their answer. This ideology, coupled with life’s everyday lessons, would eventually spawn that idea. An idea, which first began taking shape on those New York City basketball courts, high school hallways, and coffee shops. An idea, which would become the creation of a lifelong dream. An idea, which would become, Aimé Leon Dore.

This is just the beginning. What you see and read here today, and what you will continue to see and read from us, is merely an amalgamation of our desire to do things the way we feel they were meant to be done. From our garments, to Aimé Armée, to whatever the future holds, we will continue to push boundaries and dedicate ourselves to producing and creating the timeless and truly captivating. We believe in creation closer to perfection than what already exists, because with patience, dedication, and an idea, anything is possible.